About Coach Diane Norland

I believe that Coaching change lives! I know that because of my many years of experience in training and educating people who work in business, industry, medical centers, social services and schools.

I have a master’s degree in Speech Communications, as well as a certification in Human Resource Development. I am a member of the International Coach Federation, Minnesota Coaches Association and CoachVille. I am trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA.

Managers who want to be leaders in their work and personal lives
Professionals who want more life balance
People wanting new energy for their chosen work
Anybody wanting to make his or her life more balanced, effective and productive

My coaching clients have included attorneys, accountants, technology managers, graphic artists, writers and organization leaders.

My training clients have ranged from corporations to medical staff to economic development groups to parent groups to telecommunications companies to nonprofits.

Teaching English and History was my first love and I still love using both disciplines in whatever work I am doing. My coaching work, presentations and trainings draw on that early learning. Having a huge curiosity about how and why systems go wrong or work well, I have continued studying communications, resulting in a Master’s Degree in Speech Communications. From that study I saw that when I began working with groups or organizations, we needed tools to assess the culture and interaction among the players. That experience motivated me to further study, resulting in a certification in Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota. The next logical step for me was to recognize how difficult it is to put learning into practice. Coaching is a tool that helps you and I do just that. Trained by the Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, California, I was awarded a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach designation on August 21, 2003.

We are masters of reinventing ourselves when we must. We are much happier reinventing ourselves when we choose.








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